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Course Work

Extreme Close Quarters Concepts

Engage in a comprehensive two-and-a-half-day (20-hour) training, delving into a multi-disciplinary approach to honing functional handgun skills at zero to five feet. This course focuses on instilling core concepts to effectively navigate and resolve confrontations at arm’s length or closer. Furthermore, use practical techniques designed to avoid and stabilize potential threats.
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Edge Weapon Overview

Get on a two-day (16-hour) exploration of knife application methods with the Edged Weapons Overview course. Learn the fundamentals of deploying pocket knives for self-defense, providing a crucial understanding of edged weapons. Moreover, equip yourself with practical knowledge to enhance your preparedness and skill in handling bladed tools.
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Vehicle Combatives And Shooting Tactics

Build upon your skills with the Vehicles Combative And Shooting Tactics Course Work, a three-day (24-hour) intensive training that integrates firearms and empty-hand techniques for encounters inside and outside vehicles. Undoubtedly, prior completion of ECQC is a prerequisite, ensuring participants are ready to advance their capabilities in diverse tactical scenarios.
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Armed Movement In Structures

Navigate the intricacies of armed movement within structures with this two-day (20-hour) instruction block. Learn to negotiate movement problems within buildings, especially in high-risk scenarios with limited resources. This course addresses the challenges of moving through structures containing armed hostiles, providing essential skills for heightened situational awareness.
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Practical Unarmed Combat

Get on a foundational journey with the Practical’s Unarmed Combat course, introducing students to the parameters and context of criminal assaults. However, this customizable block of instruction ranges from a four-hour to a 16-hour format. Gain insights into real-world criminal assault scenarios, equipping yourself with practical knowledge and strategies for personal safety.
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Custom Courses

Customs Courses Tailor your training experience with our Customs Courses, where we collaborate with clients to curate bespoke training with trained role players. The correct course work through a meticulous consultation process ensures a contextualized and appropriate training program that addresses specific requirements. Furthermore, let’s raise your expertise with a customized training approach that aligns seamlessly with your objectives and priorities.
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Craig Douglas


Craig Douglas (a/k/a “SouthNarc”) is the founder of ShivWorks. Craig retired from law enforcement after 21 years of service, spending most of his career in narcotics and SWAT. Since 2003, Craig has provided instruction globally under the ShivWorks brand. He has conducted coursework on entangled shooting skills in nearly 49 states, 9 foreign countries, Special operation units, all branches of the military, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and three branches of the U.S. military, holds a minor contract within the intel community organized under the DOD. Undoubtedly, he is the central pillar of Shivworks training.



A former Marine with six years time on active duty with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He left active duty and completed an additional 8 in the reserves, leaving the Marines as a Gunnery Sergeant. He spent 8 years as an Officer for the city of San Diego. Most of his time was spent on patrol, SWAT, and working in specialized proactive units. Brain trained for 11 years at ATOS HQ and received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Andre Galvao. Brian owns Concept Jiu-Jitsu in Clearwater, Florida, and travels full-time with Craig Douglas, instructing Shivworks Material.



Scott is an experienced former Navy SEAL and 18 Delta Combat Medic. Scott has been an avid martial artist for over 35 years with a vast knowledge of martial arts, including Wrestling. Moreover, Scott is a 3rd-degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under 6X World Champions Saulo and Xande Ribeiro and a Black Belt in Judo. He has competed at every level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, both Nationally and Internationally.