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Edge Weapon Overview


Get into the world of Tactical Training with our comprehensive Edge Weapons Overview course. This immersive two-day (16-hour) program focuses on knife application methods, offering a profound understanding of edged weapons.

In the urban landscape, where many carry pocket knives for various reasons. The Edge Weapons Overview course stands out by providing essential training on deploying knives effectively for self-defense. Most importantly, Shivworks courses uniquely design this course within their contextual framework. Ensuring that students gain theoretical knowledge and practical tools, they can readily learn, remember, and immediately apply in real-life situations.

Join us for this minimalist yet impactful training experience, where the emphasis is on equipping you with the skills needed for self-defense using edged weapons. Sharpen your understanding of knife application methods with the Edge Weapons Overview course, a pivotal component in our Tactical Training series.

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