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Frequently Asked Question

If you are new to self-defense training, Shivworks EWO is the perfect option to set you on the right path. We provide all the building blocks to develop new skills, and you will leave the course a more capable person than when you start.

We allow the spouse of the participant to attend the first four hours of training (Managing Unknown Contacts) for $100. It is an excellent introduction to soft skills to keep things from getting physical and a great way to ease them into the idea of training.

All participants need to be over 18, but we make exceptions. Please email us directly.

No, we provide all the training aids required during EWO. There will be a show/tell presentation on day 1, where we will review a short history of knives and display about 50 different ones. If you have not purchased a knife, we recommend you complete the course first. Then, you can make a more informed purchase on the type of knife you want to carry. But don’t forget to bring a mouthpiece and groin protector.

We sell our knives, EDC products, and Merch at

No, we visit a few locations almost as a tradition, but we try to reach as many places as possible between our contracted coursework.

Unlike many other self-defense seminars, an entire Shivworks course is a formal presentation of material conducted over a weekend. Each training day includes 10 hours of direct instructional time with the team. Every minute of the course is filled with content to provide a lasting experience. You are not signing up for a 4-hour hangout where everyone tells war stories. You are also participating in training under a globally recognized brand with a 22-year history of providing training to some of the highest-level units in the DOD.

ECQC is not a basic pistol course. It is designed to adapt shooting to the specific problems of crowded, confined spaces. It requires an interdisciplinary approach. You do not need to be a USPSA grandmaster but you must be able to manipulate a handgun from the holster safely. 

Our goal when it is an option is to provide the experience of fighting inside of a vehicle as the last pressure-tested evolution for ECQC. We try, but not every host has a vehicle we can damage during training. 

However, VCAST is the only course with the requirement of first completing ECQC. You must also be able to manipulate a handgun to complete ECQC safely.

We do not offer any programs for women only. We believe the best training is done together as a diverse group. The environment of a course is curated by the team, and we maintain relaxed/comfortable/safe but training experience.

We have started producing online content. Shivworksonline

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