The ShivWorks Armed Movement in Structures (AMIS) course is a two-day (20-hour) block of instruction focusing on negotiating movement problems within buildings with limited or no resources. Moving through a structure that contains armed hostiles, perhaps by oneself, is probably the most dangerous task one can undertake. This course presents the best options for winning a confrontation under those circumstances, with the qualification that there is simply no fail-safe way to do this. Please check our training calendar for upcoming offerings of AMIS and other ShivWorks classes near you. Also, please review our refund policy before signing up for any class.

First Day (12 Hours):
  • Viewing the environment in terms of the unseen
  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal planes of visual obscurement
  • Distance variables and the visual apex
  • Threshold evaluation
  • Dynamic and Deliberate movement
  • Room Entry factors (known versus unknown)
  • Minimizing multiple exposure
  • Modifying the fighting platform to conform to cover and concealment
  • Re-setting/Disrupting the adversary’s OODA loop
  • Chalk board exercises
  • Dry-runs
  • FoF evolutions
  • Low-light module
Second Day (Eight Hours): Practical Exercises for egress, search, and third-party rescue
Please bring the following items with you to class:
  • Airsoft pistol, gas, and BBs
  • Appropriate head and face protection for airsoft (full mask)
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook
  • Positive attitude
  • Open mind
Costs of this course:
  • Total course tuition will vary depending on the host facility, any applicable range fees, and many other factors.
  • Please check our calendar for course offerings, and contact the organizer directly for tuition information on a specific class.