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Vehicle Combatives And Shooting Tactics

Vehicle Combatives And Shooting Tactics

*You must have already completed ECQC*

How do you manage an unknown contact resulting from a minor collision when you are the party at fault? What if you have your significant other with you? What if the other person is hostile? Do you have a plan if the situation devolves from verbal to physical?

We develop a strategy for handling problems from within and outside a vehicle. Time is spent developing “vehicle agility” or making efficient movement inside a vehicle armed/unarmed with or without the resistance of another person attempting to impose their will on you.

This extremely decision-heavy course requires all your defensive skills, from a well-placed word to a well-placed shot. It includes a full spectrum evolution involving a fender bender, and freedom is given to participants to take it in the direction they choose.

This is a twenty-four-hour block of instruction taught over three days.

*VCAST is a Shivworks ALUMNI-only course. You must have already completed ECQC*