Who We Are

ShivWorks is a training company that offers real-world solutions for personal protection. Founded and led by former narcotics officer Craig Douglas (a/k/a “Southnarc”), we are a consortium of instructors who teach practical skills for avoiding, escaping, and prevailing against violent assaults. While much of today’s self-defense training is heavily focused on one or two skills with limited application, the ShivWorks curriculum is integrated, immersive, inter-disciplinary, and contextualized. This provides a much more realistic experience for students and helps them fully appreciate all the different facets of personal protection.

What We Do

Every year, ShivWorks offers dozens of courses all over the United States and abroad. The core curriculum consists of five classes: ECQC, AMIS, EWO, VCAST, and  PUC.  Additionally we can offer a bespoke package to specifically suit an individual or group’s specific requirements. We invite you to find out more about what we offer and who can benefit from it. If you’d like to bring one of the ShivWorks courses to your locale, please contact us.