Southnarc Videos

Here is a sampling of video-recorded interviews with ShivWorks founder and lead instructor, Craig Douglas (a/k/a “Southnarc”). In these interviews, Craig discusses his background, qualifications, course offerings, and teaching philosophies.

Civilian Carry Radio

Credit: Baraka James and Allen Sams (posted October 2019)

ECQC Origins

Credit: Seth Roberson (posted September 2019)


Credit: Personal Defense Network (posted June 2014)

Rangemaster Tactical Conference

Credit: Dr. Z (posted March 2015)

Weight Training at Southern Elite Fitness

Credit: Richard Hawthorne (posted October 2016)

Verbalization for Armed Citizens

Credit: Cross Tactical (posted June 2013)

ShivWorks Coursework

Credit: Buckshot University (Posted July 2015)