Come As You Are

If you’re hesitant to enroll in one of our classes, consider giving it a closer look. The ShivWorks instructors are professional martial artists, longtime police officers, military veterans, firearms experts, and award-winning marksmen. But that’s not what we’re expecting of our students. The value of ShivWorks is that we have taken the fundamentals from several complex disciplines and distilled them into an integrated curriculum suitable for the average person.

To be clear, this coursework is not for everybody. It is active, physical, and often quite a humbling experience. However, our students are young and old, male and female, large and small, outgoing and shy, white collar and blue collar, experienced and inexperienced. Regardless of your background, a positive attitude and an open mind will take you far in the ShivWorks curriculum. In the video below, Paul Sharp of Sharp Defense discusses why ShivWorks classes are so beneficial to private citizens of all walks of life. We invite you to browse a few more of our videos and interviews for a better idea of what to expect in our classes.