The ShivWorks curriculum includes five courses, any of which can be customized to suit our clients’ needs and circumstances. For more information on classes, please use the links below or contact us. Also, please review our refund policy before signing up for any class.

Extreme Close Quarter Concepts

Many violent encounters happen at distances of zero to five feet. How does that affect your gun-handling techniques and escape options?

Edged Weapon Overview

Lots of people carry pocket knives, but do they really know how to use them in self-defense? This class will teach you the fundamentals.

Armed Movement in Structures

Most firearms courses take place on a static range with no obstructions. If you face a potential threat within your home, your business, or another building, how will you negotiate the added challenges of being enclosed within a furnished physical structure?

Vehicle Combatives & Shooting Tactics

Being assaulted at your car is very different from other kinds of violent encounters. Would that unique environment require you to adjust your defensive tactics?

Practical Unarmed Combat

Many environments do not allow firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind. What options are available for self-defense when you’re unarmed?