Here are a few videos that were taken by students in past courses. While every class is different depending on the facility and the students enrolled, these videos will give you a general idea of what ShivWorks courses are like. For more insight on what to expect in class, please take a look at our students’ reviews and AARs..

Extreme Close Quarter Concepts – Austin, TX

Posted 2016 by The Self-Reliant Civilian (YouTube)

Extreme Close Quarter Concepts – Portland, OR

Posted 2009 by Initiative Deficit (Vimeo)


Extreme Close Quarter Concepts – Sacramento, CA

Posted 2011 by Initiative Deficit (Vimeo)

Edged Weapon Overview – Sacramento, CA

Posted 2013 by ShivWorks (YouTube)

Armed Movement in Structures – Phoenix, AZ

Posted 2011 by Initiative Deficit (Vimeo)