Ever since Craig Douglas began teaching the ShivWorks repertoire of coursework in the mid 1990s, the influence of this unique paradigm has continued to spread across the country and abroad. In some areas, local and regional groups of ShivWorks alumni have assembled to continue their education and training and cultivate their ShivWorks foundations. If you live in one of these locales, we highly recommend connecting with one of these affiliate groups.

Midwest Regional ShivWorks Affiliate

Contact: Mike Anderson

See Facebook Group for more info.

Colorado ShivWorks Affiliate

Contacts: Jeff Hamilton, Mike Erickson, and Rhett Neumayer

See Facebook Group for more info.

Western Pennsylvania ShivWorks Affiliate

Contact: Shawn Lupka, Antifragile Training

Regular classes at Stout Training (Pittsburgh and Cranberry locations)
See the Antifragile Facebook Page or the Stout Training Facebook Group for more info.

New Mexico ShivWorks Affiliate

Contact: Jordan Nighbert, Intelligent Survival Research, LLC

See Facebook Group for more info.

North Coast Ohio ShivWorks Affiliate

Contact: Brad Kidd, Steadfast Defense, LLC

See Facebook Group for more info.